Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Furnishing and Timelines

Well the day we are going to get our keys is currently being estimated for next Tuesday, which is later than we anticipated, but Tuesday is a good day. It leaves a few weekdays to work on the house before moving in on the weekend, and it's a long weekend too. We should be able to get free labor to move heavy furniture.

Speaking of furniture - the house is quickly filling up, before we even move in!  We are getting my mom's rocking chair which we LOVE, Jeremy's parents are giving us their piano, which I totally don't understand, but I'm very grateful.  We have a bunch of little things that have been stored here, there, and everywhere that will finally all find a happy home together, in our house.

And my porch plants are doing very well.  We have a little sunflower seedling quickly making its way into the world at about a centimeter a day!  And I tossed a little packet of seeds I found floating around for some sort of perennial flowering plant and the seedlings just popped up this morning!  I'm excited to be moving in a week with some healthy, flourishing plant life.

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