Monday, August 8, 2011

The Cats

About 7 weeks ago a little black and white mama cat gave birth to kittens behind the dryer in our apartment washer/dryer garage.
Liberty (the kitten) is always in attack mode.  

As of a week or two ago, we now have taken on ownership of the mama cat (Bell) and one kitten(Liberty).  The kitten lives in a crate on the porch and comes in to play about a total of four hours a day.  The mom lives outside, but really just on our porch and comes in to play as well.  And today, after a visit to the vet, lots of medicine and three times the normal amount of cat food, the mama cat is feisty again and playing pretty rough with her kitten.  In her defense, the kitten is the most ferocious of the four and just attacks and dive bombs the mama cat any time she can.

It's an absolute riot to watch.

Keeping them is contingent on getting this (or a) house.  Once we move they will be indoor cats for a while and then they will progress to outdoor during the day, indoor at night (because of the coyotes) cats.  They will be the first animals on our little homestead.


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