Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ambrose - the poster boy for nurture.

Ambrose is a testament to my thumb turning a bit greener.  He was slowly fading as a house plant when I decided some sun would do him good.  He has been a porch plant now for two weeks and is a nice dark green. And the crowning glory to this pale green thumb, is that he has his very first spider shoot just starting to grow it's little legs.

Now that I am coming to understand that plants, like all things, need to be nurtured, not just set in a corner and watered/fed/given a peanut butter sandwich and a movie.  I'm learning to turn from neglect to nurture.  And the lesson has been brought home with my lab experiment: Ambrose the spider plant.

There are hooks in the kitchen in the new house, just calling out for some hanging plants.  When I think about the house as I would love it, I think about clean, tidy spaces, ready for laughter and spreading out blankets with toys - and bird feeders out side our windows and big, healthy house plants.  These images just speak nurtured, cared for, cherished - the happy work of a woman who is not jumping from emergency to emergency.  The work of a woman who clothes herself in strength and dignity; a woman who smiles at the furture (Psalm 31:25).

And so, I finished transplanting some plants to bigger pots and cleaning off our little apartment porch. I realized that if I could find an off-white skein of yarn and a key ring in my house, I could make a plant hanger for Ambrose's new home in our new kitchen.  I commissioned Bug (Luxy) to hold the key ring and maintain tension for me and in just a little bit, we had this:

Ambrose - my poster boy for Nurture.

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