Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Dreams, Small Cows

Since we've begun thinking about having a little bit of acreage, I've toyed with the thought of having a cow.  I don't like goats milk and I just don't think I could get used to, I'm too picky.  I've accepted that.

But cows wouldn't work.  They are too big.  They require very strong fencing, they produce way, way too much milk (which legally you can't sell unless you go through some super crazy hoops to be a lisenced dairy), they are also very expensive to feed, when one has nothing but dirt and tumble weeds to offer.

Enter the miniature dairy cow.

This guy is only 5'9!  This little lady would look like a dog next to Jeremy!

About 10-15 years ago I saw a tiny little brahma bull and cow at the feed store where my mom bought her feed.  They were so tiny!  It was amazing.

In reflecting on that, I have found that there are little, tiny Jersey cows - that are actually the original size (and like our chickens, vegetables and portion sizes, they too have been super sized over the years).

Here is a link about the history.  They are kind of pricey and will require a SERIOUS amount of research as well as some workshops on simple things like milking a cow, and midwifery.  So, in a few years, we'll start in on that endeavor!  And perhaps sooner, if a little miniature of the bovine variety comes waltzing through the local cattle auction at a low, low price while me and/or my mother are there...

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