Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Makeover Wednesday: Bathroom Makeover

Here is the first of our home make over posts!

I, Heather, repainted the master bathroom.  It's a modest makeover, we only did paint, but it's pretty striking and lots of fun!

Before, right after I started taping.
Man, that was a LOT of taping.
Tape Removed!  I'll leave the cleaning till tomorrow...
All clean and pretty in the daylight.
I didn't like the wood or the tan counter top before,
but now I like it with the blue!
And we're all set up!
Painting the bathroom at all was kind of a wild hair.  I went from, 'Hm, I should paint that bathroom before I clean and unpack it.  Stripes sound fun!' to taping it all off within about fifteen minutes.  For all the fore thought that didn't go into it, I like it a lot!  Jeremy was kind of shocked and surprised and still getting used to something so terribly daring.  But it looks nice and it doesn't look too girly.. at least the parts without flowers :).