Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Foot In the Door

Just put in a little order for some heirloom barley and shell beans and threw in a packet of southwest wildflowers.

I'm getting really excited about Barley, as it is has the lowest glycemic index of any grain ever tested.  I fell in love with the story of this particular barley strain and that it was created (and expects to grow well) here in southern California.  I'm planning on doing a lot of experiments with barley and low-glycemic recipes as well as figuring out how to get from a packet of seeds to a loaf of bread.

We've also decided to post some of our favorite low-glycemic recipes here on the site, so look out for that as well!

My mom also stopped by this morning with a horse trailer full of goods.  Pallets and branches for heating the house, some fun old pieces of tack, a whole box full of used and rusted horseshoes and some other random bits of rusted junk.  We now have plenty of fodder for our store, we just have to get working on it.

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