Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, we moved into Dusty Acres this weekend. It was exhausting. We just got the internet back up and running again today so there will be more posts soon. A lot is happening, a lot about the property is changing. After we killed all the spiders that had taken up residence in the house, we started doing other painting, installing light fixtures, refurbishing the Craigslist furniture we got specifically for the house, etc. We've got a long way to go still, but will try to take pictures of all of the major projects. Here is a quick little slideshow about our moving experience this weekend:

Our pre-move relaxation day up at Lytle Creek (where we learned how to pan for gold).

A fire on the side of the freeway that I came across while picking up some furniture for the house.

Putting up security lights outside.

Painting the eat-in kitchen and living room. The color is "Scottish Loch Blue". Looks like a Scottish loch (lake)...on a sunny day.

Jack and Luxy in the moving truck. They had a blast in that truck.

Jack and Luxy carrying a table leg to the truck.

Uncle Tim and Luxy fixing the china hutch.

Jack's footprint in the sand outside the front door. He was so proud he made me take a picture.

Jack and Luxy sitting on one of the many tire towers around fence poles not far from the house.There is a colony of gargantuan stink bugs living at the bottom of this one.

This house has more space than our apartment (obviously) but the surfaces are lower. This is what happens when you have a bowl of apples within arms reach of two hungry toddlers.

The sunset from our kitchen window.

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