Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lack of Before and After Photos

All our rooms are just a few things away from being finished.

The bedroom is pretty close, but I have yet to unpack my favorite lamp.

The kitchen needs one little bit of paint over the stove, and three inches of the counter top need to be sawed off before I can paint there, so I'm waiting for that.

The living room is waiting for my rocking chair and the piano.

The formal dining room is waiting for me to paint the armoire a nice farmy green color, acquire a few more mexican pressed back dining room chairs (and stain them a rich dark brown), and put a few things up on the walls.

The kids room is waiting for some book selves and a bench to put toys in.

The family room is waiting for walls and flooring.

The front yard is waiting for some wire so I can finish our fence, some time so I can haul over rocks from around the yard to make a path, and some cactus' for our cactus garden.

The office is waiting for walls and flooring, as is Luxy's bedroom (she is currently in the boys room).

So, very slowly, as we find an extra hour here or a left over $20 there, these things will be done.  For now, just take my word for it that things are coming along nicely :)

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