Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rethinking Things

I have a few seeds for my garden, and a few little shovels and things for gardening.
I have the perfect place for chickens.
I like to day dream about a donkey meeting me outside and the kids riding him around.

But, I don't water plants.  I have trouble remembering to feed the dog.  And I'm thinking I'll put the breaks on these things for this year.

I do paint though, and I'm doing more of that.

Like this:

and this:

There are more, I just don't have pictures of them at the moment.  There is one in the works and more in my head and I'm thinking that for now, this blog will be cooking adventures, painting experiments and photos of falling in love with the desert.  

I'm just not to the point of being able to parent three little people, keep up the house, the cooking, the marriage, friendships, etc AND doing things that are actually really hard to be diligent about.  Cooking and painting are a joy so, here is where they will be.  Here's to accepting ourselves as we are and not as who we will be, one day.

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  1. You are so amazingly talented! Not only can you paint but your ability to juggle so many things at once is impressive.

    I read this over and over, "Here's to accepting ourselves as we are and not as who we will be, one day." You're right. We cannot control who we will be in the future...but we can accept who we are now and make choices that will hopefully lead us to more deeper acceptance down the road.