Friday, January 6, 2012

Upon Dwelling on Eating Locally Grown

I am thinking about striving to eat as much food grown on my own land as possible.  And I am realizing that things that are staples in our diet just wouldn't happen if it wasn't for imported or ultra processed foods, such as:

vanilla (which in the orchid family and requires lots of humidity and very controlled temperatures)
coffee (all I know is that it isn't grown in the US, and there has to be a reason for that)
imitation parmesean cheese (hey, it's a staple around here)
hot chocolate powder
chocolate anything
vegetable oil (on my own, I would just be living with butter instead of oil)
olive oil (I could press my own olives, but that is SOOO MUCH WORK to get just a bit of oil, from growing the olives, harvesting, pressing, and I'm pretty sure the olives are cooked/fermented/something first)
lard (is this seriously just animal fat?  how do they get it's so white and strange?)

in short - I would really enjoy doing the 'we're only eating what we have here on our land' for one year with the kids, I think it would make a truly amazing homeschooling year.  But man, my food life would be so different if it weren't for so many of those imported foods.  Can you imagine cheese being a rare treat?  Or, in thinking about how much butter and oil I use in cooking, how many hours of butter churning would that translate to in a week?

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